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About This Website / Mission Statement

Expect the Unexpected

Welcome to the official website for the late British actor, David Rappaport (1951-1990).

The David Rappaport Estate Archives / Legacy Project was initiated May, 2006 by Jessica Pritchett to preserve the Amateur and Professional career of the late David Rappaport (1951-1990). Careers covered include, but are not limited to, Teacher, Musician, Writer. Within the scope of this work, Jessica directly serves The David Rappaport Estate, as well as David Rappaport's immediate family.

The purpose for this project includes, but is not limited to:

* Creating and Maintaining an official Estate Archives.
* Creating official releases of all existing performances.
* Ensuring, to the best of our ability, that information listed publicly (whether online, video, or in print) regarding David Rappaport's Life, Death, and Legacy is complete, accurate, and falls with the guidelines of respecting the wishes made by Mr. Rappaport during his lifetime, as well as those of his family, friends, and loved ones regarding privacy.
* Maintaing a secure portal of communication between The David Rappaport Estate / Family and the public (whether individuals or entities). To that end, Jessica will act as an Authorized Contact and Representative, as needed.

Source, Original and Copy Material procured for the Archives includes, but is not limited to:

* Photographs, Slides and Negatives
* Theatre and Film Programmes
* Magazine and Newspaper Articles / Interviews
* Filmed Interviews
* Movie, Television, and filmed Stage Performances
* Soundtrack Albums
* Personally Written Scripts and Music
* David Rappaport Fan Club (1987-1990) Material
* Messages / Letters To and From Fans

The David Rappaport Estate fully supports worldwide release of 'The Wizard' television series.


There is much to add to this site. We hope that you discover something new with each visit.

Thank you for visiting!!!


Website Created April, 2009 by Jessica Pritchett - The MGT. in association with the David Rappaport Estate and Rappaport family.

Copyrights & Property Notices Notated on Images.



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