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Critical Acclaim

What the Critics had to say about David Rappaport

for Illuminatus!:

superb acting contribution . . . David Rappaport

Michael Coveney,
The Financial Times, March 7, 1977


One of its highlights is the account by David Rappaport, an engaging dwarf, of how he used linguistic distortion to spread anarchy among mankind.

Milton Shulman
The Evening Standard, July 3, 1977

for The Bride:

David Rappaport had a twinkle in his eye and lilt in his voice that made him perfect as Rinaldo.  That and his professionalism.  Simply put by the director (Franc Roddam), when David is on the screen, "you can't take your eyes off him. . . He has a wonderful comic quality.  He's a fine actor and a very smart man.  The Rinaldo character is very witty yet brave, and these are qualities that David has in real life."

Production Information
Columbia Pictures Press Kit


The four-foot tall leader of the “Time Bandits” steals the spotlight again, befriending a monstrous misfit in the newest retelling of the Frankenstein legend.

Adam Pirani
Starlog Magazine #96, July, 1985


David Rappaport as Rinaldo the dwarf stole the picture

John A. Gallagher
Fangoria Magazine #50 Volume 3, 1986


despite the (movie’s) title, the “Of Mice and Men”-like adventures of (Clancy) Brown and Rappaport are more colorful than the tiresome ups and downs in the relationship of (Jennifer) Beals and her tutor Sting.

Tom Weaver
Gorezone #27 Special Frankenstein Magazine, 1994


Those few who saw “The Bride” last year . . . probably shared in a unique phenomenon: watching Sting’s intense screen presence overshadowed by David Rappaport’s riveting performance as Rinaldo, the little acrobat who befriends the monster. Most critics noticed as well, dismissing the movie but lauding Rappaport.

Jessie Horsting
Starlog Magazine #113, December, 1986

for The Wizard:

""The Wizard," Simon McKay, played with assurance by David Rappaport . . . turns out to be a master toymaker-inventor who uses Tibetan tricks, imaginative foils like a mobile hologram projector, and shining bromides to charge up an essentially buddy entry the whole family may buy. Rappaport has such presence the material doesn't wear thin. Watching him emerge bathed in gold from a South American pond is a charming conceit, however, and his constant optimism is a delight. . . the strengths of Rappaport give the enterprise its special twist. Simon McKay, who carries a magic carpet-bag, seems to have lots of amusing tricks to try out - and a sense of humor to back them up."

Variety, New York, September 17, 1986


Reviews of The Wizard, in which Rappaport plays a jovial genius toymaker who occasionally designs projects for the government, have been mixed; but almost all have singled out the star as the show’s one unalloyed treasure.

David Van Biema , Mary Ann Norbom
People Weekly Magazine, October 6, 1986


"The Wizard's ace in the hole: David Rappaport. This British actor may be the only man in Hollywood with the talent and on-screen presence to turn what could have been a gimmick into an intelligent entertaining weekly hour."

Jessie Horsting
Starlog Magazine #113, December, 1986


"There's nothing gimmicky about David -- he has a presence on the screen that is simply magnetic.  No one will be uncomfortable with David Rappaport on television, just as you forget his size after you've been in a room with him -- he's comfortable with himself.  We (Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Paul B. Radin) spent a lot of time with David so we could incorporate his personality into the role (Simon McKay), and he's not only a fine actor, he's a witty and engaging man.  You sit in dailies and marvel at what he has done.  He has faced a grueling schedule because he's required in almost every scene -- and yet he has this tremendous presence each time he's in the frame. . . you're left with the feeling that if he can do it, so can you."

Michael Berk (co-creator, co-producer of The Wizard)
Starlog Magazine #113, December, 1986




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